100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

“Right path can lead to the destination , right key can open the lock and right meditation technique can open the treasure hidden within Self”

It is said that peace, joyfulness, love, wisdom and bliss is human’s real nature , but if its so then why we are fighting, getting painful. Why human beings are searching satisfaction in life? If love and peace is our essential nature then why we are not really living it ? may be we are searching in the wrong direction where we do too much and finding nothing but failures and frustration, Or the lock which we are trying to open , the keys are not right . Meditation is the cure and the way back to connect to the track towards the real self again, the secret of all success is within ourselves .because the ability and capacity which we need to make thing perfect is coming from within . self knowing is knowing everything and Meditation is the way to reconnect the self and knowing the real natural qualities .also by meditating we heal the broken parts within , the parts which got hurts or wounded . our own vital energy turn inwards and it heals the past traumas. Once self is cured, people around us start behaving in a quite different ways ,our family ,friends ,relatives got effected by the positive presence . Because until the individual will not become peaceful, whole society can not become peaceful. Now only meditation is the real cure and in coming time Meditation is going to lead the world towards peace and harmony.

100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh India

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The main styles to go through in 100 hrs

Meditation Teachers Training

100 hrs meditation teachers training in Rishikesh, India

Hindu ( Vedic) traditional meditations

Shiva and Gorakhnath Traditional methods

Patanjali Yoga meditation Methods.

Mantra meditations

Mindfulness meditations.

Vipassna Meditation techniques.

Sufi meditations.

Osho active and cathartic meditations.

Kundilini and Chakra meditations.

Tantra meditations

Dancing Meditations

Yoga Nidra

Emotional Detoxification Meditation

''Yoga India Fragrance''A Space for blossom

Yoga India fragrance is not just a Meditation school or organization but it is an alive experience of self transformation. We are bit away from the noisy areas of main Rishikesh City ,in a very natural and meditative space which is full of birds , trees and open gardens . So living in pure nature near forest and River under the foothills of Himalayas makes meditation process very easy and spontaneous . Food and Managing staff is very friendly and Loving which makes meditation process joyful even after the meditation hours.

The teaching staff is always available to give psychologically and emotionally support to the participants for the meditation process because this is very deep and transforming practice and some times mind have confusions and doubts.

Yoga India Fragrance care how to keep inner and outer environment safe and supportive for the whole process of this training . We are a sincere and experienced group of Teachers , guides and Masters in the field of self transformations. Also the course of 100hrs meditation teachers training is designed in such ways that we open and grow gradually step by step keeping the care of each participants personal potentiality.

100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

In this 100 hrs meditation teachers training the participants will go through the methodology and practice of various Traditional and contemporary methods to open and clean the layers of personalities, habits and impressions . Opening and purifying the deeper layers of our being is one important part of meditation .

Through Traditional and proper ways of meditation its very easy and safe. This process lead a person into much relaxation and Openness . As a result awareness become spontaneous in every act and situations. Health and joy become unbreakable .Self healing and positivity start channelizing to the practitioner .

These Techniques are mainly taken from different Traditions of Human History Like Hindus of India , Buddhism of Tibet , Zen of Japan, Tao of China, Sufi of Arab etc. And many contemporary techniques like Osho meditations , Mindfulness methods , Dancing meditations etc. While practicing the different techniques by our experienced and qualified teachers we will keep on sharing the philosophy and theory of these traditional practices to make participant mentally clear and trained to teach.



Hindu or vedic culture is mainly followed in India, this is called sanatan culture also . four vedic text are the main source of their practices which are written or spoken by many sages, yogis and enlightened people in long past. These texts are known as the basic source of another famous traditions like Yoga, Samkhaya, Vedanta,Mimansa etc. Vedic traditions has lots of Rituals , prayers , mantra

and meditation practices . These practices lead a person , group of people or society in a peaceful , Joyful and liberated state of human mind.


Chanting Mantra in various ways for Rituals and meditation  is an ancient vedic way which is explained broadly in Mimansa philosophy . most  useful method for the meditation use to be Mantra chanting is in India and Tibetan Buddhism . Mantra chanting is the easiest and very effective tool if you know how to choose a mantra and how to chant  it on different notes and frequencies . the basic methodology is,how to lead a Japa mantra chanting(chanting with effort) into Ajapa Mantra chanting(a state when mantra chanting happens by itself without effort).


Gautam the Buddha was the first person who introduce meditation techniques as a search for the true self without putting the name of God or soul . Buddha believed in non existence and not on the God , this non existence is our reality .Buddha’s Vippasna meditation techniques are world famous . Vippasana means ‘To Watch’ without and justification and judgment .


Sufi meditations are very intresting ,and joyfull meditations . sufies use breathing , chanting and dancing as and methods for meditation . some of them are known as Zikr . Zikr are the devotional way of remembering Allaha (God). These meditations are very intense . breath , movements and sound are the main factors in sufi meditations.


Chakras are known as human psychic centers and these seven chakras are explained in vedas and lately inYoga and Tantra texts . if chakras activation takes place with a right way, a human being can achieve many psychic powers. Kundilini and chakra meditations are very powerful meditations methods which bring immediate effects on mind . these kinds of meditations should practice under guidance of a Master. And Yoga India Fragrance 100hrs .meditation training will keep this in its awareness . Every meditation will happen under a expert teacher.


India has the treasures of methods for meditation ,to explore the human inner taritory .Tantra methods for meditation are amazing techniques given by god Shiva to his beloved half Shakti. In Vigyan Bhairav Tantra scripture Shiva introducing 112 techniques to enter into consciousness .these techniques are very tricky but very effective . Based on breath , sound , light, chakras, figures, elements etc. In our course of 100hrs meditation teacher training we are going to introduce some of very useful and effective techniques which practitioners can do anywhere .


Osho’s Active meditations are quite popular among in modern generations . these meditation techniques are mostly active and dynamic ,having physical movements , breathing, catharsis , dancing etc. Now a days modern masters find out that our mind is full of garbage , lots of suppressed emotions are there. People are psychologically not well . so we need to release and remove this psychological disorders by movements and catharsis then silence, joy, and meditation happens as are sults of this purification


Yoga nidra is an ancient technique for meditation and Let go . Yoga Nidra is also a part of Hatha Yoga practices . yoga nidra has been used as a psychological therapies too to remove many psychiatric problems and lead the body , mind into peace and harmony .It is a passive meditation technique which everyone of any age can do, this technique have many stages . In 100 hrs meditation teachers Training programs we are practicing and learning its primary and intermediate stages .

Emotional Detoxification Meditation

this meditation therapy is a special of Yoga India fragrance and immensely helpful for every one . Releasing all old emotional stuff which is holding you from not to be easy and healthy . Using emotional releasing points, breath and many other tools we use under the guidance of experts .


6:00 am

Herbal Tea

6:30- 7:00 am

Mantra Meditation

7:00-8:00 am

Hatha Yoga Practice

8:30-9:00 am

Yogic, Sufi or Tantra Breathing practice

9:00- 10:00 am


10:30-11:30 am

Passive Meditation ( based on sound, Breath or senses)

12:00- 1:00 pm

Active Meditation( Based on movements, catharsis or Dance )

1:30-2:30 pm


3:00 pm

Herbal tea

3:30---4:30 pm

Meditation Philosophy or Question Answer Session

4:30—5:30 pm

Meditation (vippasna or yoga nidra)

6:00- 7:00 pm

Meditation practice(Based on Group energy)

7:00-8:00 pm


8:30-9:00 pm

Meditation overview or any night meditation

9:30 pm

Lights off

At every weekend we shall have a trip for Himalaya’s Nature Meditation and Evening Rishikesh Ganga river pooja (worship)

Course dates :

From 3 to 15 every month

From October 2020 to May 2021

Arrival at one day before at 2nd

Departure at 16 after the course completion


Tripel sharing room :- 600

Dubble sharing room :- 700

Single room :- 8500

Above charges are included all course and food fee.

Email us : info@yogaindiafragrance.com

Who con do this 100hrs meditation teacher training?

The course structure of 100hrs Meditation Teacher training is created in such a way that from beginners to advance participants can understand the whole methodology of meditations . if you are a beginner, you need not to be confuse that how to start and from where to start. if you are choosing us for this training we will guide and trained you in very clear and authentic way that everyday you will grow more deeper into it with proper clarity .before each session teachers will clear about the particular technique which you are going to practice and also during the practice you will get all support if its needed . We care your growth and as an unique individual ,we care and support you in that way too. Our meditation philosophy sessions will open your eyes and will make you understood for all kind of practices .

Also if you have learnt or practiced several meditations by your own or through some other supports this course will make you more open for all other techniques and methods which will enhance your knowledge for many more other traditions. As its always good to be clear about various ways which going on or used to practice in different times and cultures .
For the self practice and also to be a teacher we need to understand all about the subject which we are learning .In this course at yoga India Fragrance you are surely going to be well trained for all different aspects of meditation practices.
Participants who are seeking certain physical , Mental or spiritual Help and support are heartily welcome here . the environment of Yoga India fragrance is very positive and supportive for your health. We will help you to understand what going on inside you and how to clear and cure it . * This meditation training will certainly going to establish you again into peace and harmony of body, mind and energy.
Participants who are stuck into a certain state of meditation from long time and wishing to move into more deeper , can join this training . we are the team of experts to help you for the next state.
This is a certificate based course we keep you making capable to teach other too. so the people who wanting to help and teach others, for them we are fully dedicated.


During and after the course we makes a healthy bounding with our participants that they never feel alone or hopeless in this journey further . Our school will remain a home and family for you as much you want . we will keep sharing all details of our further experiments and courses with you. Once you have completed one course sincerely, we will give you a big discount and other ways to explore more with us.

Meditation hand book and
manuals for theoretical help.
All the supporting music of
meditations in a USB.
Some Helpful audio and Video Discourses over relevant topics
from experts.